From the moment I first saw a Pixie Bob I was captivated by it's wild beauty.  I
immediately knew that I had to have one of these unique cats for my very own.  After
acquiring my pet Pixie Bob, I realized what an extraordinary breed this was, and I
decided to become a breeder.  The most important factors in choosing my foundation
cats were the distinct wild-looking Pixie Bob face, good health, and excellent
temperament.  A good Pixie Bob MUST have all of these qualities.  From the research
that I had done while looking for my pet Pixie Bob, I knew I wanted Original Northwest
lines.  I began my program with Stone Island and Dixie Pixie bloodlines.  These two
programs are the core of my lines today, and in my opinion are the premier bloodlines
of the breed.  

My goal is to breed top-quality Pixie Bobs which closely resemble little bobcats.  
Health and temperament are also of utmost importance.  All Native Dream Pixie Bob
kittens are Blue List eligible, by having specific bloodlines that go back to Pixie, the
namesake of the breed.  Native Dream pedigrees reflect many of the most esteemed
Pixie Bobs in the breed.   We are a registered ACFA and TICA cattery, and all of our
cats or their ancestors have been DNA tested and are part of the Pixie Bob DNA data
base.  This is an assurance of the true parentage of all Native Dream kittens.  I prefer
not to place my kittens into breeding programs, as I would rather they become a loving
member of a "family".  All my kittens are immunized, and spayed/neutered before going
to their new homes.  They come with a written health guarantee, and I stand behind
every contract.  I strive to match each kitten with their owner, and I keep in touch with
my buyers, as it is very important for me to keep updated on my kittens.   

The Pixie Bob is a fantastic breed of cat that will steal your heart.  They are outgoing
and highly intelligent.  We take our Pixies to the beach, where some of them enjoy
wading in the water and sitting near a cozy bonfire.  I've taken one with me on a horse
for a trail ride, where she sat in front of me in the saddle.  They love car rides, walking
on a harness, or just hanging out with their family.  As you can see, they are true

Native Dream Pixie Bobs is a small cattery located in Arroyo Grande, California.  We
specialize in original, old North West bloodlines and LegendCatTM lines, producing
kittens with wild looks with loving temperaments.